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by Curse Ov Dialect

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    4th curse ov dialect release..First album with current lineup-- Raceless,Paso Bionic,Vulk Makedonski,Atarungi and August the 2nd.
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Baby How? 03:24
August the 2nd: Scratching my head Biting my nails Running in circles Chasing my tail Riddled with anxiety Clumsiness always follows me Raceless: A pentagon of owls milk the words I utter I’ve programmed them to kill me when my speech reaches the gutter A habit of coffee and poison cancer sticks delete my dreams Question upon question upon question equals disease Development of my elements are relevant you elephant Your tusks of ivory and rivalry don't make you elegant Examine yourself from the inside out Perfection is impossible Ignorance is bliss If pain persists consult the dialect hospital Vulk Makedonski: When I was younger a wonder down under Running up slides Urine filled my pants Eating meat pies collecting dead flies in an aftershave bottle Butch Cassidy A flappy-eared catastrophe stop bashing me Pulling mental triggers stealing wrestling figures Hollywood holocaust Stitches' boss: what a toss Five years lost the cost fund my redundancy Makedonski I clown Philip's sun is my heart pumping light through my veins It rains when it's hot winter burns the spot Rot in my cot Questions sparked in hip-hop I’m a lollipop that no one wants to suck So I’m stuck out of luck yelling “But… but… but…” Atarungi: Riding bare back over miles of coral Sea anemone smiles Cheeky oral pleasure manta ray Lethal barb sting Singing cray fish who grapple tackle while eating caviar twice a day Mr Disarray riddles planktons Little shoe Amoebas waging war with testicle residue So what you gonna do annoy? Spermazoids deploy is noids from the void... Raceless: Consider this: you reap what you sew I'll keep sewing and keep knitting until my soul begins to glow Because the clowns in flux have drowned Pulled to new found sounds A place where political regimes are said out loud Five fingers on my crotch Scrutinized by creed August the 2nd: Take your hands out your pants you really don't have that need Vulk Makedonski: I’m not shaking your hand brother!
Wolf Moon 04:15
Atarungi: Whatitchewtwomaah nopitoto cee to pee nomutosoo a lie: to the sky Vulk Makedonski: Nesvesen chovek drva nI sechI I soncheto pechI zagadenost nema zgoda voda chist I need to drink I need to drink I need to sink my teeth into vegetables with out chemicals Regretting Destructive weddings Sense gratification Forgetting relations With the earth money making nations breaking stations in factories favored over planting trees Chanting these words Birds and herds of bees Native elements Do we want to destroy and employ ourselves as the creator? We're tripping wood chipping kicking animals We're cannibals Scandals stalled So-called vegetarians aren't humanitarians Does that sound humane? Humans’ bones used to build cities Human minds are used for science and appliance to the world's defiance Acid rain a placid plain smashing brains with materialism instead of realism What's real? Hunting for a meal You don't notice in your cocoon Raceless: Atmospheric catastrophe A blasphemous chastity belt has been broken by the wealth of western nations causing ill health Slayers of the ozone layer have grandkids who can run for mayor In the oil and silt of microwave guilt The Scots lose their kilts The Japanese – kimonos I’m not alone though I have the chameleons with wolves and the solar panel channels That protest on every annual with discredited scientific evidence By money fatsoes and Essos and carbon toxic gallows shopping Push us off the boat into the abyss where we burn And cancerous cysts blow us to bits in the land of the lost Aha ha A cannibalistic vegan Begging to get even with the bigoted demons Many are sedatized Conforming to the lies As I smell the sweet nectar of the fruit flies Environmental consequence Be financially secure The law of the gold-toothed whore I’d like to devour Vulk Makedonski: Obsession! Beating progression Spiritual relief underneath energies swarm we must mourn Every living organism and give them respect Respect your dreams Perpetual streams of love connected to the moon ancient wisdom forgotten Chopping Hopping Spotting ignorance a billion brains survive Raceless: The Masai tribe Blood is on the western page This rage I disengage Remnants of a colonial age They watched the white barbarian enter their culture Watched him rape and take and escape without a mandate Many cultures I embrace But historically I’m fake Great injustices create non-Euros to debate If I’m genuine not a westernized swine with hatred in his eyes or a try-hard eastern guy You can't turn back time on false promises and lies and the medicinal sap in all the trees have slowly died
Raceless: Alienation and xenophobia become the disease of the nation While infestation of segregation in turn breeds hesitation Bigots and racists with no basis and their spiritual facades You forget the indigenous animism of the past Shamans and bards Count Joseph Arthur de Gobineautt Your concept of race is exposed now Your seventeenth century literature Published for the naive book collector The pain you caused mixed with Christian laws which made the white man divine? Animal domestication with language culture and traditions Your observations of white and black in turn creates divisions Within these extremes of human beings you forget UzbekI and Arab These middle people of cross-cultural regions make your judgments jagged: Xhosa Dinka Gnawa Pharaonic Egyptian Semitic Italian Swiss Anglo Macedon then south for more battalions Afghan Turkmen Uiger Han Chinese to Sakahlin Bunan Javan Papuan Pitnenjara Koori Kulin Polynesian Tierra del Fuegan Incan Mayan Cherokee up to the Aluit Alaskan plain The concept of race is now defamed. All cultures All together Vulk Makedonski: Expansion of a mansion The devil dancing Enhancing ideology astrology biology anthology of movement Improve the sky that I lie under Untie the thunder Wrapped around my spine Connected to my mind Electric vibration worldwide radiation there's a bit in my pocket I can't stop it Globalization Assimilating nations invasions erasing cultures Worshipping steel boulders Pouncing with announcements subliminal slavery Do I have a choice? To voice my opinion what's the use? They've all been abused by dominions Disasters Delicate hypocrisy Irrelevant philosophy Tossing me into the scrap All I can do is rap That's 'cuz I won't adapt It's a trap and a slap in the face Life's fast paced need to slow down Speed kills you don't need pills Greed chills Fills winter with money storms and we're all running outside naked Forgetting our sacred ways like making haystacks Breaking stray backs The hardest harvest They tried to part us Start us on a path of destructive elements Harmony is relevant for benelovent actions Factions intensified pressure on the lesser-equipped stripped citizen With no chance to begin again We're all addicts to the conflict Because of the wrong shit I long for a gong to hit the sky lit Sun is the answer Ongoing cancer Clouds of disease I’m proud to spread peace if I’m down on my knees Praying for the slaying and atrocities to cease Bees will sing until we're free i'll sing Joelistics: When the English first landed here in Australia they brought beef And the queen she set up her colonies in Australia like a leech And I’m part of a dominant culture with an older and wiser one underneath and I support a formal apology to say sorry for the grief When it comes to skin color it's a strange boat I’m in You see 'cuz my dad is an ABC Chinese and my mum is European I’m Eastern and I’m Western and I’m proud of both connections But I’ve still had to deal with racial shit and get depressed There's still slander painted on the walls of my house saying “Asians Out” and “Go back to where you came from” but it’s the same old hatred sung in the same old song But Australia's first boat people here were Poms so tell me how is it you gauge the place where you belong
Raceless: I have all the budgies and I sail the seven seas A Maltese man with eucalyptus leaves with a turkish-ainu wife Who blew smoke out of her pipe. Vulk makedonski: Lets radiate passion 'cos cultures turned to fashion Smashing static enigmatic adriatic sea Croatians and serbs plus me the balkan farmer from botswana to ghana no drama dalaI llama enlightened brother. Atarungi: Blast into oblivion Forever ridden? Who you kidding! Positivity's on the rise with no surprise Explore possibility Strengthening agility an abundance of prosperity incomprehensible. Raceless: It spread to melanasia straight to the kanakas who wiped it off their backs and didn't eat at macca's It spread through the earth's core and landed on iwor who blessed it with his vision but it was a collision. Vulk makedonski: We need spiritual initiation and reconciliation. August the 2nd: [chorus] Vertical ascension into the clouds Horizontal journey across the sky (x4) Paso bionic: Iiiiiii-wor iiii-woor Vulk makedonski: Clear your koomie (is throat) Get on the boat and float with the smoke from the peace pipe My pygmy niece might marry a rom speaking gypsy trippy hippies getting tipsy celebrating indigenous survival. Atarungi: Reception clears static drastically Potentially evaporates reality Set free from a mythical society Conclusion resolution love and harmony. Raceless: Well mark from synathesia he sent it to brazil To san paolo with no need for lsd pills It spread to madagascar at the langnonana Which is a special fete that's far from an iguana. Vulk makedonski: Wisdom as a kid lake ohrid historical skids Pyramids the unknown is blown to tibet No regret Reciting scripts and texts Belly dancing you bet To voodoo ceremonies with homies gods don't talk to phonys lately Respect to haiti I want to marry an african lady. August the 2nd: [chorus] Vertical ascension into the clouds Horizontal journey across the sky (x4) Vulk makedonski: Albania is muslim mania All religions deserve understanding I’m landing and expanding my mind now I find mixed traditions additions to more knowledge as I rip this and sip this eucalyptus porridge. Raceless: Pushed to a bear's lair the malays saw it there To a jet plane ooh!! A fume is in the air The humans came together as they landed on the clock The eucalyptus smoke finally landed on ayers rock (uluru) August the 2nd: [chorus] Vertical ascension into the clouds Horizontal journey across the sky (x3)
Raceless: Civilisation has no patience vibration is null True tribalism has risen but the hippies stay on mull or dope can I quote a redneck's still in office Chewing on the offal of the righteous mixed with rice Don't understand it trice can't understand the plan on the microphone I don't give a damn ha! Ha! Ha! Who da hell do you think you are rapping on the microphone 'cos I’m down with the core Down with the curse so leave me alone Uzbekistan Kazakstan Turkmenistan Maltese-australian! Jah love and I and vulk representing coke-a-cola-no-not-corporate solo Australia representing no failure I hate racist people that's why I’m gonna blame ya for your ignorant decisions. [chorus] Paso bionic: E ar e ah ah ah erah ah ahah (x4) Jah flow lokus klassy: Aha! Load me up as we say all the world's indigenous been there done that*******stat what? Nails in platts we in the streets baby Crazy dazed and confused with your transmission with the boreds in submission peace A nation of millions to lokus klassy Klassy Slashy Smashy Crashy Plus we splashing through The city crew looking for a piece of the pie we fly by. Raceless: The taiwanese ghosts of the bunan people are the sequel to seventh century roman cart vehicles Obvious said the water genie Wicked with a grin he said it was meanie No I O I... Vulk makedonski: KillI kookoo! Vaka taka Bring words together verbs sever and split Conflict between right and wrong unseen is my vision Brand new decision in my rhyme Extra sublime for your mind I won't hurry this scurrilous Scandalous I’m a natural they can't handle this pure bliss Forces my lips to kiss the mic all night with gratitude minus attitude Basic rude obligation Rock a slow nation Bigoted I’m facing The confused I’m lacing with inspirational bells that rips through hair gels Dull skulls. [chorus] Paso bionic: E ar e ah ah ah erah ah ahah (x4) Vulk makedonski: Animal graves Indidgenous slaves Smells fishy like waves crashing down they drown in the lies can't rise Juveniles blunted suddenly get hunted Why close your eyes like shutting blinds endangered minds living in a palace Now their all jealous overzealous who's the best rap fellas We're callous like race and malice I’m awake peep at the fake creeping through the lake it's the vulk with loose bolts I rose with flows that shows dispose insults. Raceless: Swimming in my car I’d like to get far The ignorant man is trying to get far ya'll Who the f**k do you think you are? You're trying to play games you're not gunna get far You come to me with a meddle advice? I don't care mate Ya bloody better think thrice! [chorus] Paso bionic: E ar e ah ah ah erah ah ahah (x4) Atarungi: Breathing beneath Exploring senses Emerging release liberation rhythm flux Piercing through motion in silence twilight eyes eclipsing our internal tides I lay beside an ocean of an endless sky curiously cast a figure Entering remote regions completely devoid of stars Celestial coalsacks cloak opens briefly allowing some to venture behind to watch and observe through the clouds of your mind manifestation projection the ingestion of suggestion magnifies multiple directions. August the 2nd: i'll have no part of this at all!!
Munro 02:52
Shamans 04:26
August the 2nd: Ward away evil spirits Cast a spell of peace and love Shine bright lights into night Burn fire torch towards dark path Prepare for armaggedon's aftermath Good and evil clash their heads Guardian angel watch over me Protected thee from wickedness Conquer all your inner demons White magic heal damaged souls Remove this hex from my life Transform curse into blessing-ing-ing! [chorus] Vulk makedonski: Evil feelings in most toast the saviour of self importance to overcome destruction we're falling evil actions as we rise above our own love tendencies clutch to the mind physically hurting beyond a bond evil stirring my own perceptions as energies smash against my wall of truth forgetting youth evil talking words that don't elevate higher than fate too late for ressurection persisting evil flying realms unimaginable to normal reality or formal gatherings evil eating away majorities manipulated by spirits understudies and believers evil leaders with metres of courage causing hatred conflict and all of the wrong shit evil dies but it lies in our soul that we control unfold yourself and lend a hand to a man. Raceless: In the land of the wurrundjerI the men were called kulin The spirits of the land span melbourne not foolin' The tooradin lives on the base of the creek Celts didn't know the boon-wurrung knew this freak This ancient effigy combined with windorrerrer Despair as an old myth now engulfed the area The koorI clans warned us: don't disturb the bunyips for the kin that did were eaten and made redundant A plentiful farm of sheep colonial diseases awoke a serpant of the past for dreamtime never freezes.. Waiting in vain for these spirits to disperse Doctors and the clergy couldn't lift the curse Jerked jaws from tooradin in the scent of eucalyptus kooris elders can cure this business We pray for you to help us for our methods have failed Tooradin and windorrerrer need eternal jails! The spirits were maimed by the men in possum skins but how the hell did this madness begin? Sacred land destroyed by sin! [chorus] Atarungi: Words describe yet still they hide the essence in our presence Language.. Is only relative when used in rational frames of mind Remember there are an infinite amount of frames De-emphasise re-emphasise.. Metamorphosis Glistening wings sing rhythmically Beating things to this sound called life The breeze played with leaves singing songs of the new world but who's listening?
August the 2nd: Come one and all from close and far to xinjian's famous kashgar bazaar Silk and spices all for trade Bargain with merchants to make sure they get paid Fresh fruit and nuts sold by peddlers Fishmongers and halal butchers Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lala! Raceless: Yah! Inuit lovers and wiccan witches tell swiss men to get syphilis itches Peas and gravy cooked by bahrainis Kurdish and english i.v.f babies. Atarungi: Don't use the microwave feel the horizon! Raceless: Presidents of the united states getting involved in chilean fetes The saamI herders and the zulu armies trade all regalia to make origamI scientists invest in genetic testing Leave land as it is! Pride without prejudice market banquet double a dna khoisan bushmen--aynnnnoo! Devoid of stereotype! [chorus] Paso bionic: C ch e ah ah ch chah ah chah (x6) Vulk makedonski: Novo celo solun is the city Centre of the earth multiculturalism's birth ancient masters of wisdom wooden flutes swapped for swords Lords of musical chords stores shine a million tribes living spiritual lives Archives in the golden chest a princess blows a poem to the rest Unified fully blessed sharing food what a feast! The best silk costumes moon shines down water spreads. [chorus] Paso bionic: C ch e ah ah ch chah ah chah (x4) August the 2nd: Those turkish ladies with their veils. Raceless: Hold on!!
Vulk makedonski: Comical creatures in killI kookoo capers Vapours and papers for the corporate masses Gases of love for the world above imaginary scary fairies revolutionary acts Knock knock who's there? It's a big black bear with frogs on his legs and goaties with red pegs Cascade a raid of words to make the birds sing causing a gusto pause to bust thou… Raceless: How many circuses are in this section? Your animal erection reinforces my protection Irish clovers causes trains to puncture to reveal a woolen cloth called a jumper that old asian women knitted and exhibited upside down smiles are strictly prohibited Nicotine sucker learn to be a quitter Cambodian wedding hangovers! Vulk makedonski: Guzzle the gourmet delicatessen stressed out water ripples and cripples alcoholic slaughter Topelz in mudholes deleting direct information melodic madness inflation Pure and obscure babies on a tennis tour A serious world macho men turn to girls Inflicting addictive fertile laughter after that the fat and skinny swap meet inleaves for cheese these through vinny! August the 2nd: [chorus] What is a smile upside down it's a frown it's a frown What is a smile upside down it's a frown (x3) Raceless: Like transit lounge balls at charles de gaul An overnight beard growth in a duty free mall Commuters lie dormant give the man some water Drink from the cursed cup signifies their aura Write a memorandum I can't stand the answers Kiss the buck tooth of a walrus I call quiz shows Consume the bloom of a flower sensation and disintegrate the scent of locomotive radiation. August the 2nd: Lifes jubilant elements thrive on cheerful sentiments Fun ridicules are dead serious. Raceless: With comical experiences so hilarious! August the 2nd: Laughter is the best medicine Jokers forget about worrying Problems and pains may fade away if jovial happiness exists everyday Positive thinking with a merry mind leaves tommorow's sorrows far behind so utilise your sense of humour and depression will seldom occur Relax let your hair hang down Stop walking around town with a frown For it never hurts to smile and be friendly once in a while...! [chorus] What is a smile upside down it's a frown it's a frown What is a smile upside down it's a frown (x6)
Vulk makedonski: Let me represent without getting bent Stay true to myself and respect my health Stealth bombers are fast but my parents used a jumbo to land on this sand At school they called me dumbo But I had fun though Put me down low and i'll glow Now I flow in reality Let my nationality grow The macedonian on the microphonI and don't call me homie man 'cos there's more in this wog's brain than being top dog for fame How lame were my mental teachers? Parental preachers with racial features now let me heat this so take a seat sis are your lips sealed Brought up to be bigot but the positive ticket I was handed 'cos that's what I demanded Ever since cook landed with his bandits they scammed black culture they rammed it God damn it! Cowards like howard get showered with the power of unified people that treat each other equal No time to fuck up Money makes you stuck up Now muck up the dollar people holler Rip of your collar scholar shitty pretty boy lover nema nishto da dava porchna da muva yes brother I’m loud and proud of what I am don't give a damn insult me if you can I’m the vulky Multicultural society pusher man and diversity the way it should be You fucking galahs like budgerigars on crows that ark! We drink from the same waterholes and bars... [chorus] Paso bionic: MamamamammmmmmamakadonsskkI (x4) Vulk makedonski: (verse in macedonian) Paso bionic: MamamamammmmmmamakadonsskkI (x3) mamamamamamamamammakedonskI biblianki Vulk makedonski: Show's over Breaking out the pack like a rover Still sober Drink too much your life's over Individual failure Cross seas like a sailor Live in australia Still keep my culture Bolt you down to the ground Like it or love it If you hate it I'll shove it in your face You racist disgrace Fast pace rapping People clapping Strapping up my seatbelt Felt what you thought life's too short To you a sport A game head untamed and hollow Follow referees rules Ignorant fools Educational tools I’m seeing are being used The west abused drinking up brews In the east expensive shoes are worn My garments are torn At the crack of dawn mind reborn Fuck your fashion materialised image I scrimmage for knowledge Silver spoon in college Empty shopping trolleys Sucking up money like petrol in holy carburettors a yuppie hater! [chorus] Paso bionic: MamamamammmmmmamakadonsskkI (x3) mamamamamamamamammakedonskI biblianki
Raceless: A seesaw prison is one that I envision Drop an up and down yin and yang drop with precision Eating oats with human like goats and moats of consistency True equality is my philosophy Aktion and a happening with jasmine women and green lions while a raceless-minded architect makes shields out of iron Butternut snaps and mushrooms sing doom for 7 wombs with ultimate brooms I’m brooding to see art and blasphemy with blood drenched cows and cloths and aktions see that man hermann nitsch depletes and deletes the notion of aesthetic and pathetic deadly feats as I meets my peeps I advise bird beaks to influence how copyright is breached Atarungi: Progression is the key Diversify your strategy Otherwise continue to slide through routine behaviour 2001 years later our most debated situation still interpretated breeding hatred and devestation related to frustration Consider this Testament sketch a passage but still manage to confine AtarungI resigns this archetype Pick up the relic psychedelic delights A new generation of life enthusiastically endorsing ancient stimulI realignments unify perception sensory energetically free from conditions like indulging in habits lacking purity - fact or fiction whatever your fantasy. Vulk makedonski: Enter my premises the nemesis chemist apprentice blemishing a plan to see my fantasy Romantically massaging testosterone prone Overgrown Egotistically stoned a mystical tone Comes from my spiritual zone a wolf without a pack prowling and howling alone Mr Clone Mr Clone Duplicating like a mirror influential dominator with credentials like a trader fading cautiously the breeze it's a beautiful tree I’m a leaf in this season with no reason I blossom A possum or a bat understands where I’m at scold the cold hearted come together as one I started getting visions before I was born demons Devils Rebels Dragons that vision was torn into pieces like jesus Positively I breath this I need this right now How? Your lies I despise those who falsify bye-bye to mr Know-it-all I blow a call to the animals Uprise fulfil my ties A zillion flies circle the globe A stinking reality Where's my queen? Where's my racket? Why is my culture stuck in a political bracket? Back it ups my greeting I live a life of potato eating Beating happiness I’d rapping this inside ya Excite ya A writer and die a freedom fighter... August 2 and raceless: Child of dreams can come so true if all of your passions are pursued Singing and dancing expressing myself Not worrying about anyone else I fantasise about eloping away someday with a fairy tale princess. August the 2nd: Travelling 4 corners of the earth Retiring healthy wealthy and wise.
August the 2nd: Pack my bags in a canvas satchel Pour some water in a goat skin drink bottle Let's prepare for an overnight journey With little aid from a motor vehicle Just me my friends and i Couple of partners by my sides now I walk the scenic route Through muddy trails wearing dusty desert boots. Atarungi: Horizons broaden as hindrance shortens A voyage of rediscovery envelopes me Previous circumstances rapidly deteriorate to stimulate an awakened occasion Perseverance and self examination alleviates truth From contemplation desolate And barren canyons swell with perspiration No path with heart comes with ease Silver dreams and golden hopes Channel moisture across our planetscopes A gentle shower of rain Replenish like a kiss Precious oasis at magical depths I'll caress your emptiness while reminiscing times I’ve missed A future's wish.
If I Die 03:31
Vulk makedonski: I drown in a clown's tears infinite cheers when I’m wet all around frowns when I’m dry and inflammatory induced with ice cubes inspired by the fire It's a race in my veins there is no finish I haven't begun to initiate my feelings of hatred I feel wasted and drained unexplainable pain is not physical unemotional regardless of the yards people gained in their studies buddy my entity is exclusive Elusive to your eyes and the prize that they want to capture Like a cat's tail The question will remain the same Today and yester making jesters just a pester If you can't feel yourself catastrophically melt No one else will entice the mice into traps I adapt to my free thinking Entwine my mind approach the passage way unclear of the fear I power steer through unknown territories Without declaration I pivot and give it my perspective Reflective endured Visions and battles Heart throbs and rattles which helps the love that I’m missing Swaying in different positions Kissing ghosts dismissing hosts From my complex mission They elapse I attract my attention to the structure Ancient looking but sparkling with art Starting at the start Ending at the end Stock still in the middle This riddle is little but normal and my formal ways have been disguised for extensive periods I’m hearing them Those voices that give you choices to uprise without a ladder or a hoist and I’m trying to find my path in this jungle A bundle of green But is nature alive? I’m sure that it's breathing So common we're needing and bleeding in our own devastating ways of rejection Accepting our consequences Manipulated head cells erected reflected by my senses. Raceless: Body of a little boy Memories withdrawn Platters of a genre Torn and reformed It's dawned on me this macchiato spilled upon my pages Hex ov intellect respects 1 milligram resuscitation Ideally raceless: hey This hip-hop's toiled a relic future I’ve muted my malnutrition so I obsess no more Early warnings from mum and dad ignored A bolted nail This male is unable to judge the frail furniture that's needed for the house Adjacent suburbias that leave me schizophrenic Heh Chameleons with subconscious pigments I’m scared of limits Stay in one section for a while Hey race! Personality of parallels Who can undo the spell? Open minded to no minded 360 degrees How can I show global knowledge to the ones that have not seen? Threats of difference create scapegoats But I elope to ocerpinos and malamutes that shit on carpets Fashionable On a non-art level A credential Disassociate My intensity Pushes people away Now I know I’m unrelated pariah is here: curse The separation is complete.
August the 2nd: Sugar coated bitter centre Sweet face but secret tormenter Irrational tyrant in denial Keeping up appearances wearing a smile Behind closed doors hear stories from walls and floors Fundamental moral views Emotional blackmail and verbal abuse Domestic conflict antagonist Guilt trips from hippocrits Trivial pursuit of mental games this drama queen drives me insane Over-reactive angry martyr Unreasonable trouble starter Prisoner in my own home Warden mother won't leave me alone Arrested development sheltered life Suppressed independence and always in strife Obligation family ties Loosen apron strings and wish goodbye to the patronised. Suzy Markovska: His hand is on my thigh again I shut my eyes The word no doesn't work again I shut my eyes The lights go out... Raceless: Valium with added paracetomol A paranoid lady I’ve had it with your rigmarole Open pores with work ethic ailments of my life mum I chose to change it Racelessness means I don't kiss the lips of bigoted whys and ifs Impermanent cerebellum banks that makes me grateful thanks for the gutful of wool that's been pulled all over my eyes And a shoelace of metal linked to my endeavor this weather is severed However I’m quite happy now.Vulk Makedonski: Swollen memory The enemy for life Dark minded and grinded to my throat a knife Strife at adolescence the presence of evil A needle injected vile file selected erect and ready abused physically rented Mentally demented Cemented a curse in my consciousness Future confidence stress depressed oppressor manifest the test Endless nightmares dark creaks and croaking Soaking my pillow with guilty water The filthy slaughter My eyes are the clouds The skies within Let the storms begin to blow away the sin bins filled with the past Next day recycled not fully recovered Hovering above the surface that I stand on With hands on the experience I land on demanding battles I rattle the cage of rage and turn the page no literature Horrify that sacred spy I die for a good nights sleep creep and crawl I brawl misdeed monsters that stand 10 feet taaaall! Atarungi: Traumatized Child who has first learned expression of mother and father Recognize your heritage Inherited genetically repetitive Cycles that bring familiar circumstances what does it mean to be lost in the life I’m trying to say We gotta learn from our past and blow it away to be forgiven Suzie Markovska: I want to scream


Not content with recycling the same old beats and rhymes, Curse Ov Dialect reach for the next level by reinterpreting sounds from all eras and arenas into unique sonic collages with a hyper edge and extreme bounce. Their Mush debut, Lost In The Real Sky is an eighteen track introduction to their sound. Blending political raps written with the skill of a multi-cultural Public Enemy, a punk-rock aesthetic, and production that balances melodic samples and classic drums with world class turntablism, their focus is clearly on music as avant-garde hip-hop opera. From the playful opening snaps of "Baby How?" through the old world groove of "Multicultural Markets" to the darkness of "Water Thicker Than Blood," Lost In The Real Sky is an impressive debut from a unique and challenging new group.


released May 27, 2003

Mush Records (World) / Valve Records (Australia)

All Tracks produced By Curse Ov Dialect


all rights reserved



Curse Ov Dialect Melbourne, Australia

Formed in 1994, The surrealist multicultural rap group Curse Ov dialect has been an anomaly in the music scene .Paso Bionic ,Raceless,Atarangi,August 2 and Volk makedonski use ethnic samples and avante garde music married to rap in their songs and dress in folk costumes live.Curse ov dialect were the 1st rap orientated Australian act signed in the U.S in 2003 on L.A based MUSH records. ... more

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