The Internal meddler

by Raceless



1st solo album from Curse Ov Dialect member Raceless with special guests- Cesci(Fake four),Shunda K (Yo Majesty),Kaigen ,DanielSan (koolism)Vile Vortices and Curse Ov dialect Members.


released January 7, 2012

All Tracks Produced By Raceless,
Mixed by Danielsan at The Dojo.
Hypogeum Descendants Features and additional production by Vulk Makedonski.
Saliva ov arts features Cesci(Fake four) and Kaigen (Japan)
Medi Ours scratches and Additional Production by Paso Bionic
Pretty Lady scratches by Danielsan
Watchagunnado features Shunda K(Yo Majesty) and Spudrock
Apples Of Antiquity(Produced and Vocals by Atarangi)



all rights reserved


Curse Ov Dialect Melbourne, Australia

Formed in 1994, The surrealist multicultural rap group Curse Ov dialect has been an anomaly in the music scene .Paso Bionic ,Raceless,Atarangi,August 2 and Volk makedonski use ethnic samples and avante garde music married to rap in their songs and dress in folk costumes live.Curse ov dialect were the 1st rap orientated Australian act signed in the U.S in 2003 on L.A based MUSH records. ... more

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Track Name: The Filfla Lizard
Ridiculous stupidity,Question your validity
this ignorance inside of we,blinded by society
Variety is what you need to break the dumb
or its just economics off the tongue
no more topics just historics on every verse
eating desserts till my stomach hurts...
the church is a form of control
but we all need brainwashing to feel whole
like the ones that dissasociate because of connotations
to be upper class is to follow english nations
and notions ,i saw that in maltas oceans
but in the hypogeum,i saw the true devotiom
you are waiting
for the past at last-eh!

--universal death is in the land dont think that you can hide--(repeat)

Caves that prosper,walls of red ochre
the voice of the stone the 3 wheel motor of the
cartruts while filfla is in vision
the lizard is here showing mythic fishing
with a tongue extended i lick off flys
my blue skin resembles 30,s ties
or dandy delights from surrealistic nights
while you stereotypically wave your stupid national kites
powerful bigots,they can stick it
human beings are ignorant they,ll never dig it

--universal death is in the land dont think that you can hide--(repeat)

Subscribe to something the other to belong
i only feel the rocks in filfla with no thongs
burn my spiny feet in the limestone rock
as an anti-racist action i push gets blocked
i hack and i hack the miracle flock wheat
that believe in the alcoholic beverage belief
i heed it they need it for social acceptance
why cant you just have some resistance
beg for attention while as you block early use
the shamanic practices were beyond abuse
Like raves i sliver across the dark caves
sifting through the sand of the knights and knaves
banging and smashing and collecting figurines
the filfla lizard universal beards and beads
Track Name: Saliva Ov Arts featuring Cesci(Fake Four) and Kaigen
dissing and dismissing goes deeper than that
all cultures perceptions no acceptions attacked
simple things common sense not just wings
left or right ideals paupers and kings
the way we happen to pop from a womb
Aint sufficient reason for a predjudiced tune
now i have the reign to be plain
drenched in hard mud solidified by rain
trancend being a person im a curtain
drape u round the gaia make you uncertain
to all the racist scum and the homophobic crumbs
the sexist patriachy and the germs under the sun
pests and the people and the uninformed disease
two types of people one dream,one obscene
youve been seen!

Track Name: Kites
shown asian culture as an early teen'
it made me exoticise european cuisine
as i immersed myself in somalian friends
hating my race that got beyond pretends
i truly believed that i must be raceless
or subconciously an identity crisis
but my musical quest put attitudes to the test
meeting various punks and sub-culturals vents
of european extraction they were ready for action
anti-racist people which was main attraction
so hatefull of whiteness ,historical shame
holding chinese tea on my lap on the train
just so they could see that i wasnt eurocentric
anti racism shirts in chinese and arabic

choros----where can u see me when u dont know where iam x 4

Part 2 an immertion into the art world
more to find samples experimental music pearls
the pride without predjudice rule did coincide
on the date of the old raceless that died
but what remained was always applied
to life situations for example a taxi ride
an indian student hindu or a sihk
an islamic scholor or an emirati sheik
i could relate to life experience,refence guru nanak
or polish perogi,phillipinos and barack
hip hop addicianado not sexist or bravado
curse ov dialect travelled the world and got bravo
the self hating young ones the afro academics
son of public enemy
iam eccentric

choros----where can u see me when u dont know where iam x 4
Track Name: Watchagunnado featuring Shunda K(Yo Majesty) and Spudrock
verse 1 shunda k
Chorus by shunda k and spudrock
verse 2 raceless..
If you can sit in silence with a boy or a girl
not hide behind appliances and ruin your world
diamonds and jewels and chocalate anf fools
and hearts and souls and rivers and pools
swimming in the wishing well made mw smell
the coins werent lucky they were coverd in gel
vegetable soup thats cooked by myelf
impresses u so thats good for my health
i steers my vehicle in the hopes that were cool
i dreamed of a horse and u gave me a mule
50 percent is all ya gunna get
baby yes baby
Track Name: Pretty Lady featuring Danielsan (Koolism)
maternity minded by the light iam blinded
by my radiant daughter ive got to record the
moments we cherish ,her smile i embellish
staring out the balcony with infinite wonder
revise and reinvent,suprise its all invent
a book with not pages angelic intent
this feeling unbelievable and inconcievable
mother and father and daughter unspeakable
love pours from within the physical and spiritual
formula from bottles and real teets make u grow

grow stronger i love you

Health and development radical and relevant
play you ambient tones and other elements
going to appointments applying all ointments
princess on my shoulder,where has my life went
this is day one for new raceless conclusions
a life full of happiness no illusions
communication affection,i comfort fears
mummy utters sweet words into your ears
if i could always tell you you,d never be alone
magnificent elegant i love your baby tones
cant wait when u get older ill take you to the zoo
xie xie pretty lady im in love with you
Track Name: Australoid Vs Caucasoid
its proven that some humans should never be given a gun
this is certainly true of some of the ignorant ones
may the 1st 1776 was the the day
when two extremely diffrent cultures began to display
misunderstanding the british landing in the botany bay
disintergration information disturbing in every way
one culture built on real estate,bureacracy and queen
while the other was a pro egalitarian dream
where there were no rulers every tribe was a unit
the white concept of life was grab land and consume it
this meeting of two extremes was bound to shake the leaves
and massacres occured like you couldnt concieve
first the white man called the black man a noble savage
with the cow he managed and the land was ravaged
european cattle destroyed all land and sacred rattles
this delocate ecosystem was beggining its battle

farmers fenced property creating a monopoly
resources stolen food dissapeared like robbery
elders posed the question wheres the kangaroos?
they were few and far between so what else could a tribe do
but spear a cow or a sheep not plough for their nutrition
this was the land they were the land hunting and fishing
but the farmers mentality is i own and i manage this
which caused so many massacres tell me who the savage is?
extermination squads killed innocent people
theyd surround the campsite and kill young old and the feeble
myall creek 1838 kilmeister and his mates
killed 80 native people to fulfil their lust for hate
the case and judge was a rought and they said this in court
they told of how killing natives was a frontier sport
in konniston a massacre yeah 1928
william morton known as nugget had a tendency to rape
black ladies and i say this when the tribe struck back
a posse of white men killed at least 100 blacks
many whites fought for rights and respect the aborigine
fiighting against a huge majority that killed indiscriminately
the stolen generations the mass assimilations
christianity with profanity destroyed that peaceful nation
now whites have the nerve to sit around and observe
the indidgenous people and ask why the anger sir

why dont they get there life together ----eurocentric fool historical biggot tool