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by Curse Ov Dialect

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    The 4th release of curse ov dialect from MUSH records 2006.
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Renegades 03:05
(August 2) Who wants to get married...? (Atarungi) Quality begins when you open it up Exposing a quintessential Fundamental Central nexus Perplexes this wondering Quandering mind shifting emphasis Make no mistake Circles rival transformation to spirals Some hesitate and extrapolate (Raceless) Antarctican seals on the banks of the Arctic (Atarungi) Omani pearl divers... (Raceless) ...Tired and so lethargic Festivities of marriages twinkle in the dark (Vulk Makedonski) Turkmeni flutes... (Raceless) ...Play revealing Noah's Ark So Many bells make my world linguini Watching the sun sunlight with Samoan fafafinis Wedding in Rwanda with a Tutsi and a Huutu Mongrel Hong Kong dogs and poodles Called fufu Blue blue (August 2) A white wedding with horse and carriage! (Vulk Makedonski) Rise and shine Byzantine Ancient setting A pagan wedding Avoiding me Exploiting me A brothers call calling me Colourful embroidery Golden coins Folded groins Horse Back entrance A poor track sentence Do you take? Yes I do True or fake Express your view Hand in hand Tie the knot Walk into oblivion Olivia living in Kosovo Toss a glass Beat the drum Dance all night Feet are numb Took a chance Take a flight Candle light Spirits glow Row my flow Gently in my dream. Better be Ever free Merrily let 'em see Working together as a team (August 2) Who wants to get married? A white Wedding with horse and carriage Beer cans strung behind a limo Shaving foam in rear window
(Raceless) On Saturday night at the casino People looking at me My name ain't Reno My name is Raceless And I'm a bit weird to the most And I think people think I'm Crazy because I put gasoline on my toast Mother Goose Oh Mother Goose Can't you see I'm living foul Can't you see I got no brains No way No how If your volume was your own little civilization If your volume was your own menstruation If your eyes were green and mine was blue I'd say Give me black eyes Because I'm not interested in black and blue (August 2) After a hard week of working and study It's time to unwind and relax with my buddies Over drinking some spirits Maybe cider A gorgeous girl requests a cigarette lighter Answered: "No sweetheart I care not to smoke I ignite passion like few other blokes Darling Fancy an adventurous evening? Then take my arm at the bar when you're leaving" (Vulk Makedonski) The way I feel No one can see The one that can't see My fear can't unblind Doubtful Entrance but my heart will find a way to direct my spirit Obsession is cleared Is it the form of abuse that makes me feel un-useful? I feel I'm truthful Looting and shooting my way through your skin Spiritually within I begin to see a soul of the past At last Someone I connect to Respect true Never neglect you Unconditional love With no clouds above And if there was one That's the one we'll be sitting on Next to the sun Earth will guide us Take us on a ride Without a bus Bare feet You can trust me I'm still like a tree Which is a part of me My branches are traveling at high speed towards your physical Your spirit is the seed I need to know I'm swimming in the flow of emotions Promoting motions Choking in the dust I'm far from lust It's a must that I keep my confidence up Lucks got nothing to do with my dreams of happiness Kicking myself Bruises Tattooed with a question mark In the dark I walk Daylight I distort Romantic Atlantean Chanting Macedonian words in the Grampians Staring down the hill My spine gets a chill The lady that I love arrived Disguised as a daffodil!
(August 2) Sitting in a circle, nobody understands (Raceless) 'Cause happiness is when I feel I have no plans But it's all constant It's all full circle Like to shine in the dark like fluorescent purple Dreaming of a girl that I'll love so infinite Getting paid for hip-hop and finally living it But it's all such a dream I think I'm Utopian A spiritual and scientific mind I'll be scoping in It's all confusing to stay right in the middle Like a native Australian being forced to play the fiddle (Vulk Makedonski) I’ll be happy when I can talk and talk without talking An energy parade ascending from a cave Paid Correction plus reflection's a must It's all about us Seek your guidance Immense pride fenced eggshell stencil when the unbelievable is believed Legitimate certificate bachelor of the artistic Catching the mystic Serving observer concerning my family and friends Learning and landing in trends Expanding my wings With a smile on my face searching for the woman of my dreams A balanced spirit fighting for human rights I can seethe light I'll be in bliss when I have a daughter and son Yes yeah breathing fresh air free the oppressed from the stress So they too can Express Excel They've got a story to tell 'Cause everyone's got a story to tell Sentient beings I'm sending my themes Happiness it seems only happens in dreams (Atarungi) I'll be happy when these nations of nemesis obtain togetherness Regional thinkers exceed your beliefs relieve the pressure we exert upon each other go for self but what about the wealth of the world? A humble gesture wrapped up in a scheme Demeaning plausibility of we Some reminisce As long as ignorance persists existence is there Beneath the glaring surface my soul reflects kaleidoscopic visions of this and that synapse react as I bifurcate
Forget 03:43
(Raceless) How can I forget all the jealousy and pests? Much respect to the cross and the half moon crest Statues of Krishna ideologies of Hitler Fiddlers on my rooftop soundtracks to Earth's Richter Reminiscing of my pre-teen love extravaganza poetry stanzas open minded simple answers Vantage point I regret my slow decline (Atarungi) Catalyst ran away with the fish Stupidest people complaining continuous A ravenous outbreak conspiracy tendency cyclic revival Altrusive at most still we hope for survival Contortion of a self made illusionist Whose proving this? Validity holds true to one’s own perspective of you A quagmire of residue Anxious of status totality truth turns out to be Nameless and blameless here Objective directive synthetical tutored infusion personify Wonder why liars reign prevalent? System comatose Open your senses and see what you know beyond learning (Vulk Makedonski) Ina far away cabin I happen to be happy I return to learn I'm trapped In the same trap so I travel again with no map with no planning Organic repertoire Representing stars Sending cards through the wind reminding my kin Rhyming within That's where happiness lies Tapping my thighs Creating atmosphere lapping up the sun More confident than a man with a gun contemplating meditation Compared to action with revolutionary tactics Fire and ice Desire came twice clock strikes third time Unconscious saviour Lucky to be at peace Don't worry I'll make my decision Brake mind Division So many options Vision to the core Soul adoption Rhythm is so raw Stopping at Moroccan magical lake Sacred as a rock painting tragical fate Never forgetting the past Letting it last Memories remember me September tree The first root to blossom in a Never ending dream Wizard on my shoulder Pyramids in the background Visit me when I'm older cause I'm on the right track now! (August 2) 1989 mock radio announcing A shitty cassette deck and some crusty tape recordings Most people hate the sound of their own voice Those accented ramblings Hiss and white noise Thinking one day that we could be superstars Fat chance though I was a failure at guitar Prancing around the living room in my underwear When neighbours aren't home i really don't care Cranking the stereo Pumping high bass Next door complains about vibrations in their place Fooling around might pay off one day Each to their own style I got my special way! I got my got my, i got my special way.
(Vulk Makedonski) Conscious cafeteria peeling the social construct Feeling local bonds trust is lost at trustworthy cost Frost is frost then hot heated by the boss at a loss Kettle of fish Letters are missed Stamps sent amps vent has Them air conditioned Rare repetition noise Transported lands applauded cornered have you Been reborn yet? Ignore the net break free from Fixation superficial situation Earth plus earth equals We need more Earth Barriers drawn up married to Path paved eradicated cave drawings ignoring Callings falling in a rising way declining prey what can I say? Speak, speak reach for out of here examples Doubtful samples angles challenging audio Sugar, sugar Sweet affordable fracture Future tennis guy Unseen genocide, is there anyone by my side? Why do I have to ask? Shining nail polish tinsel town laughter Blast into failure rich capitol snitch Apple core poisonous witch concoction with poise and pitch Higher level, higher rebel, eye of the devil (Elf Tranzporter) Inner be the boundless reign inner be mounting flame show Inner be wisdom gained re-discovered to feed the soul It will be the founding seed bringing Babylon to its knees Fulfill your needs with a magnificent prize Get up upon the rhythm bold soul stand up Get up upon the time beyond the old calendar With a need to feed the freedom indefatigable raw Is a wakeup call for all warrior (Raceless) I'm older somewhat bolder we need money it's the norm It's a struggle and a juggle The pressure to conform In the workplace I lose face listening to bigots A mathematical sabbatical controlled by digits Hearing racist comedy It really bothers me Would it be ethical to stick a knife in properly? They ridicule indigenous No I will not stand for this Issues are so misused like accepted prejudice Naivety stays dear to me Reality attacks Most boast and try to fit in but Raceless never cracks! I wish that racist facts are exposed and attacked How can I be normal in a world full of rats? (Atarungi) Uninhibited establishment culling the degenerate sentiments Similar like a question of unsolvable cause Substitute intelligence reinforce this global tragedy Lie to me? Furnish this with the now A secret touch Winks hysterics for seated critics who bow In indigenous No I will not stand for this In admiration for some truth we deceivably seek And reap the benefits of your efforts Repetitiously (August 2) I just want to break the ice Light conversation would be so nice Is it OK if I smile at you? Avoid eye contact That's so rude! Hide behind some magazine Engrossed in a book Not to be seen Admit who's guilty of snobbery Turn a blind eye to the friendly Simply affable social interaction Get over yourself It’s not physical attraction!
(Raceless) In the 30s native children were taken from their homes To live the European way You spat on their ancestral bones! With malice and ignorance you acted so inconsiderate Without Islam The Arab world And Moorish ways you'd be illiterate Oh how the mighty have fallen once Then they just rise again Like Kahane in Palestine acting evil just like Nazi men And I can Bitch about racism Crime after racist crime But you massacred the environment rapidly at the same time You might say I'm misanthropic but it's impossible to lie The only way we'll save the earth now is if we all commit suicide! (August 2) Families fled bombs in Lebanon But the streets of Lakemba is where they're from Behind backs of working class immigrants are prodigal sons running rampant First generation Australians pretending to be Mid-East aliens Sedans cruising at driveby speed Jeering at surfies There's no need Heckling on duty lifeguards Provoked smacks in the face real hard Why the cowardly gang bashing? Cars don't deserve windscreen smashing! (Vulk Makedonski) Governments of the world wake up! No politician, physician, anthropologist can swallow this Un-manifest manifest cosmic consciousness yes rest seek The counselof others Experience communion Right the wrongs of a nation With strong equations Combinations The essence of explanation No longer facing the Reflection of your ideas Cultures alter your chemical State of the blood Artificially Hold your breath The soul has depth Now synchronize Blink your eyes Universal mind contemplate responsible response Respond to a pond of sages for ages Historical repetitive bloody pages Suspension of shamanic practice Baptism Practitioner Rap conditioner Listen up! North Indian Ground art graffiti spiral form Protection for sacred land Center chest heart beat one love Creator of our destiny To bring out the best in you And the best in me
(Vulk Makedonski) Venetic medical alert Mouse trap Relevant revelation Scorching hot evidence Because Borce is not eminence Emulating historian Endangered species greeting Victorian Number by number ranking class Farce uranium issue Misused protector caged up Lyrical page fuck Same stuff Typical pinnacle regulation End of the road reputation Cipher connector Misunderstood like a chimpanzee fancy dresser Oppressed patriotic Armenian guests At RSL fests What's next? Dialectal Fractal Crack call Smack all pop star Rock star stagnant lobster (Raceless) Turn off all the televisions you've ever experienced And make an association which is borderline delirious The fear of the art gallery and the hospital is possible It's plausible I'm creating a cult that's audible Stuff your illusions concept of rap sound ‘cuz the frowns that I have to deal with are making me cry This is dynamite cows that bite with the fishing ‘cuz I got the pygmy elephants with superstition (Kaigen) 我が名はKaigen 限界を打開する当代随一の曲者見参 雲心月性の看板に偽りなし 虚名を売り飛ばし暴利をむさぼる世にも哀れな者達と対極をなす異形の出立ち 即ち星条旗を掲げる鳶の胎内に宿る能ある鷹 時なるかな これ以上隠しはせぬ 今し方研ぎ終えたこの爪を他ならぬおぬしに御披露目しようではないか 禁じえぬ怒りのやり場は力ではなく言葉 開口一番 欺瞞に満ちたこの世の中に猛然と異を唱える 閉ざされたかに見えた行く末をこの手でこじ開ける 風雲急を告げる 東洋から来た予期せぬ訪問客 豪州にてその眼を開く (Raceless) Internal meddler, smut pedlar, riddler Trillions little pieces of influence introduced me to the fiddler Before I met the koto player with the mbira I was convinced that you're just from another era (Vulk Makedonski) Nova revolutzia za Makedonija Vidi aktzia idi bidi besen toa lesen malovazhen Dushmani zboruvat saka borba ke gorat Mora parnet dase smeni I zname dase kreni I got many Plenty problems Like ancient rock art Stocked apart Propagated segregation Senegalese creation Forgetting Veneti-first Euro curious Fluoro magnetic tourist In my homeland Microphone in the form of a shepherd's staff Feathers and leopard skin bath robe The last globe Enjoy Employ energies for the friendly breeze Wash away the lies Lost in disguise Charactensed Categorised Stereotyped ripe suburban flight Takeoff Shake cots Make plots Flirtations of word making Ethnic Macedonian Alone again God sent Pretentious adventures Suspended in higher life!
(Raceless) Watch homogeny gentrify ethnicity Planned out so culturally Specifically and typically with Mimicry we emulate western ways And have killed nature worship dramatically Guns, germs and steel Colonial spiels that have made the world impossible to heal Australoid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Negroid We were never droids fighting for the oil I tell you bigot We was dreaming Ritualistically healing And hunting with feeling The Southern European goddess statue from the Maltese caves coming at ya! With Wiccan beliefs from the true Britain Raceless essencei've been bitten and smitten (August 2) Annually At New Year's eve We burnt the old man straw effigy Scarecrow dressed white was lit at midnight This ghostly figure now charred at full mast Bygone calendars were buried in the past Girl faerie dance around over ash on the ground Wave magic wand and wishing loved ones Bringing good luck for the near months to come What seems superstition was our tradition A fading practice right on the brink of extinction (Atarungi) Repetion Friend Is a conscious decision to Ignore the obvious resistance to change Don't be so oblivious let me share this so simple so plain this life you choose so be active Accept responsibility let go of fear I disappear Revitalize I love to see the sparkle in your eyes unshakable De-emphasize the emphasis words That blurb Influential All-inclusive Non-specific Aberrations Contextual abrasiveness Absurdly I navigate your innermost predilection Exert every effort to implement conclusions set (Vulk Makedonski) Wishful thinking Sinking sunken bunker Resurrected Phoenix beneath sticks Osiris guide us to palm trees Alarm the calm seas Cataclysms Fact and religion Mechanisms Mechanical clock interlocked Polygonal block Cyclopean walls Megalithic fortress Observatory moonrise Ancient visual Visible Visitor from the stars Jesus and Mary In a Pyrenees cottage Please be ready for the unseen knowledge Astronomical Another bionic call Hittite, Rama, Berber One team Self esteem Like Etruscan trumpet Trust in Something Texts in towers Vortex of power Spiral dance for bird and flower preservation Flying cats don't deny the facts in fact Respect the spiritual ritual it's critical Because the past strikes back!
(Raceless) Cuts like razors and savors deep pain Lifted too high from green metal planes Love is a blood drop petals are crushed Stomach of butterflies from senses of touch Why are you so cold? I love with ferocity 100% you've cemented your property Past envelopes emails and details will fail I will hail impale to this poor snail Imprinted rebellion show ladies been hurt by ignorant bad men the scum of the earth Cradle remembrance mummy will love us Magic box twinkles lost without compass (Atarungi) Outstretched palms with Nothing to grasp receive the deceiver who Laughs at the moment Loves meeting means until two grow as one Decisions that fizzle in a state of impermanence Bondage of soul whirling wheel change Deranged in a slip stream of same ideology Static inertia and mental obscurity Increasingly adamant emotions lack purity Joy becomes duty and love becomes law All virtues wait patient for you to catch up Deliver the clear view from which I can't hide A yearning for certainty strive to survive (August 2) Convince myself that it's solitude and not loneliness So why do I seek better halves as my life long quest Traveled four continents seen the world Many pretty faces but no special girl Age doesn't wait Time's running out What's soul searching all about? (Vulk Makedonski) Nervous and jealous Emotions will strike Story telling fires of Liars in night Compassion is lost for Passion for what? Questions are sparked Your true self you forgot Remembrance Remember them Entering here Fundamental Sentimental Clear feelings of fear Centred images of love above where the stars will shine Two stars combine divine travel together through time Devotionless fever of love either here or above So-called human life consuming wife Hard working husband with love Take care of your mother Nature that is I want to be the same Who do I blame for being so different? Magnanimous manic stress Hand me a cool glove Raising consciousness No ones wanting this So I'm hunting bliss Ego confusing Abusing arguments Sense lost robbing the truth My heart feels pain When I gain A glimpse of your lips
(Atarungi) Listen miscellaneous Override the pressure here Scrolling for the little boy here inside with the backspace editor Pursuing over corridor Walking with the lightest steps Forgetting all regrettables Magnitised open up and explore yourself Title of my newest hand Fabricating package made Conduit disable fable Self esteem for your benefit scenarios (Raceless) Existence is an open mind Philosophies will question all I hope you don't ever age With a balaclava on your head Evergreen explorer child Invent and make the patent real Buy your dates and grapes at night with your Islamic Alim friend This is just a test A test to make you feel Show me all your elephants ‘Cuz I will chase them down the road (Vulk Makedonski) Infinite intellectual harmonious transmitter set Components of totality Essential archetypal law more major minor scales Ethnic musicologist Mysterious maintenance making sense Manifested affectionate after effect human helper Don't mention it! Psychological dynamic dorians Unified harmonic historians Genetics protif soul athletics Aesthetics atheists pathetic Self proclaimed pre-meditated heretics Indoctrination poetic fest Reinforcements of miscellaneous ego heads (August 2) Hobo fellow His fingers are yellow Wears a suit jacket with patches on the elbows Nicotine stained teeth ready to rot Bellowing emphysema cough Talking to himself Mumbling something A happy chappy Laughing at nothing
(August 2) When I was young I hid my legs from the sun Could never understand why my body was tanned Born a fair child Pigment delayed a while From light shade of skin to darker melanin Kids are cruel when you're different at school Shed many tears over antagonist peers God gave me this brownish colour Made it hard to blend in with the others I don't blame children for having little consciousness I can see it in their eyes It's not real despise It's xenophobia in disguise (Raceless) Excavating the depths of my cerebral cortex to the earlier years of kindergarten objects Swallowing clay eating my pencils Making them bent Struggling to talk after my facial accident Scarification to my chin but so young at the time Dr. Holmes in Parkville and cordial of lime Cats groan over divas with my cot and rattle Six years old again sick forgotten battles Woke up in the ward looking at the Cyclops Plastic surgery Sesame Street and the padlocks (Vulk Makedonski) Early bird, early age Twirling sage Learning page Information age Turning page Burning rage Concerning mates Average rates Next of kin Stress within Walk off on a photo moment Talk of all the Bogan clones yet Parental love and guidance Gliding to the ceiling My dreams were real Reality felt through feel Flying over power lines to the tennis court Top notch Hop scotch Skipping rope Flipping pot plants into the swimming pool Next door neighbour Respect your creator Punishment Punish them Stunning men Childish stunts Put the tyres down Costing me twenty cent pinnie games Many bent thinner frames When will they sing again? Adolescence spiritual Pure essence fit for all Took a fall broke my nose Slept at my cousin’s house Wept when I'm buggin’ out Call me names Bash my brains Just because we don't look the same Sticks and stones To bricks and clones Microphones And I'm here now
Ropungan 00:46
Strawberries 04:20
(Raceless) Knotted fireplace my meeting ways are surreal Girls expecting wine I give them pieces of orange peels Painted pictures of images Sculptures of little ones Innocence within but mirrors show wrinkles my real sons If I wear garage bags mixed with suits that's my style Avant-garde music with a Big Daddy Kane smile Love has no meaning but my cards are on the table Dark side like a hyena but that's the end of that bloody fable! Fishes in deep water Squids feel like a hallucinogen Friends are getting burnt Lets go back to the grill again (August 2) Met this girl after the Kool Keith show at the street corner with deros She was sitting on a box between two city blocks Introduced myself with wooden stage props Taxi-cab back to the crib You can only imagine what we did! Sex on Fridays was the theme Text messages to set the scene Her favourite fetish was pulling hair I spanked her backside as she just lay there Three lashings from the pussy whip Looking for love but on lust I tripped! I meant nothing to her at all To Rose Daryl was a booty-call Ladies can be players too Some are decent but others will hurt you Now everyone knows I've exposed Rose This Irani-Chinese Filipino (Vulk Makedonski) Related to pain Not the same in the game of love Issued issues Cameras in the attic snapping pictures of secrets Rough leaflets Stained with tears Raining fear Heart beat umbrella love Start sweet telling us And soon telling you Stinging me out of this world sensation Convert to conversation Settled in your head prolong So long love song in my head Open passage Disbelief havoc He’s the thief Ravage Married to confusion Ignoring invisible guides Instead guided by illusion Misinformation Blame me Shame me Tame me And then claim me Misinformation Missing my station and my love frequency The freak in me
(Raceless) Scholars try experiencing the Liberian Free thought, hoping and provoking lots of plans to Invade New York Infernal hordes tour outside the Churchyard Harpsichords broken on forgotten boulevards Media tycoons are cartoons with every Second June Astral traveling Unraveling organic tested tunes In the street is the stomping ground lost and found Bricklayers show architects the meaning of a stressful pound Kaleidoscope blueprint design with a Silver arch, French and the German never tolerate the Romz-Romncahe Cries from a passenger Abracadabra The most tattooed man in the globe with a camera Sudanese-Vietnamese sailors in a wooden shack Hypocritical people conceptualise what's real or wack! (Atarungi) Systematic featurette potentially Ready me for a smooth transition Seamless momentum sound Glimpse echoes distortion Order bring order Decay specific modulations rotate ceaselessly watching Horizons interplay With clutching organs orchestration Fundamental gently direct me so simple validate this Misconception The tragedy trajectory here and now And yet again it begins my friend to override Listen to wordplay inside (Vulk Makedonski) Dimension I mention sci-tension Detention suspension I'm still here I still fear Make it clear Serpent servant serving aces in cases of untold creativity In an exhibition In habitual intuition a Missionaries mission Missing my fishing hook Swimming I look Into emptiness Empty this Centred bliss depending on frail fraternity Fall eternity passing learning degrees Yearning for me is my family My Spirit My past steering too fast Life passing in a flash Cash currency currently controlling a soul roiling into Whole vicinity of unlivable Pivotal No rhythm at all Dark den Spark when We make a change It may be strange Aim light from a flame To metermorphosize Better morph to size Size em' up Rise and strut to the new frontier Don't front here Is this clear Break the mental shackles Snap crackle and pop Tackle a cop or corporate shop Stop the rot I cop a lot For my mental trot But I march on start from my compassionate view Passion for you Passion for us Rhyming smiling and finding answers when catching the bus (Germs) The instigator of reverse influence To divert your insolence And give birth To the earth With pins Poking my driving course Applying force Defying laws of socioeconomic control With a bread roll banana filled I march up a hill The still distilled in the thought process To focus lightly on the heavy more than likely To be sweaty but returns burnt in the memory are now ready for your viewing pleasure I measure time in awareness Though all in fairness You are the fairest of them all And I'm just witness to this bareness Share this all across the board All encounters with god on the mountainous shores Every sound to record The resistance of poor Against infamous lords The rhythms and chords That cover the walls of my internal corridors Fighting the profit wars Dollar whores Laughing striking out reasonable doubt then A seasonal cloud appears to drown out Fears when you feel the need to shout!
(Vulk Makedonski) Isolated villager Independent innovator Tosk, Gheg, Vlach, Roma, Mediterranean coma Hellenic vampire Balkan conspiracy Conspire Ottoman yoke choking empire Favouritism Taxes Battle axes Christians’ heads on crosses Innocent losses Alien occupation breaking a nation Sultans slavery system paid for through wisdom Macedonian sufferers No chance of uprising Western powers too busy colonizing Modernizing Racism penetrating new worlds Dishonest ownership Trickery Bitter evil establishment Stabbing men Fathom then Fathom now Lethal legal Pelagonian eagle Ambush devils Like Arnhem land rebels Fighting for existence Enlisted Destined to be tested Senseless Muslim outcasts Preying on defenceless peasants outclassed Like chariots Phanariots from Constantinople Hopeless But hopeful With a hope call Napoleon defeated Rushing Russians discussing a lands conviction with Britain Business first Human rights second Future consequence Armageddon Eastern question 1826 tragedy Strategy to segregate Super powers interrogate Separate and integrate Assimilate Afraid of unified Balkan state Imperialists creating hate and linguistic confusion Perilous urgency Emergency The first state to emerge in seas Wicked breeze of a manufactured lease protected by Britain this state was Greece with a German king circling within Beginning of construction and falsified history and lineage Leaning on his chip and shoulder Peloponisos soldier Mixed ethnicities Forced Hellenism Created by foreigners Stan Stefano agreement revised through lies Ascendance of independence For most guys but the holy land of Macedonia Handed back to the Turks A curse and future confrontation beckoned to be worse Self-determination End of 19th century Meant to be the end of me Many enemies ascending Pretending to lend support Through orthodox laws Religious wars Occurred October 23rd Words were heard 1893 committee Committing themselves Gruev, Dimitrov, Arsov and Tatarchev Songs sung to be free seeking autonomy From Turkish oppression Learning the lesson Ideological battles against Bulgarian Vrhovists Intellectual terrorists Violent armed propaganda campaign They demand we're the same Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization Poor willing men killing them 1903 Illinden massacre Massive scars Goce Deicev's resistance with no assistance from super powers Foreign investors European gestures Lest we forget the past But I can't let it pass Forget the needy Bucharest treaty 1913 partition of an ancient land Belongs to ancient man They're making plans Artificial borders and orders Forced assimilation Or expulsion and denationalization Of Macedonians from their own ancestral land And manifesting scams Contest Long dressed Invest Incest Christian Balkan cultural mess Occupied by Others in our motherland Need a brother’s hand Our movement suppressed to prove They're the best Population exchange: 1 million Greeks from Asia Minor Settled in Aegean Macedonia Cyrillic inscriptions destroyed on churches Tombstones and icons Am I wrong? That's the truth in the song Place names were Hellenised Hell on earth Hell in eyes Evil guys Terrorize Goodbye to reason Claiming ethnic rights was high treason In the Greek state I defeat fakes Fascist dictators General Metaxes was reigning in terror Claiming an era More injustice from 1913 to 1940 Then 500 years of Turkish glory Vardar, Pirin and Aegean Peace to pagan Makedonija Macedonia for the Macedonians Serbs try to manipulate our language Bulgars try to eat our historical sandwich But we know who we are And we know where we stand Cut off our hands Rape and plunder We'll take the thunder Disappear Re-appear stronger than ever Feathers in the wind Read their letters of sin Scholars and historians Try to force the Victorians To change to Slav instead of Macedonian ethnicity Through their Written simplicity Taken from enemy source While I protest They're missing me and my call for peace you see Greece is one country Macedonia is another Two separate people but still we are brothers You can listen to the lies Or look into my eyes Which blink at the brink of perpetual light


Two years in the making, Curse Ov Dialect return with Wooden Tongues, the follow up to their critically lauded debut Lost In The Real Sky. The matchless vocals of MCs Raceless, Vulk Makedonski, Aturungi, and August 2 are suplimented by the meticulous cuts of DJ Paso Bionic, and their collaborative production efforts utilize samples culled from nearly all members of the United Nations. The album's themes focus on politics, multiculturalism and their recent life experiences. With Wooden Tongues, Curse Ov Dialect have tamed their personal energy and recorded a cohesive group of tracks, while maintaining their sprawling debut's vital excitement and passion.


released September 19, 2006

Mush Records (World) / Valve Records (Australia)

All Tracks produced By Curse Ov Dialect


all rights reserved



Curse Ov Dialect Melbourne, Australia

Formed in 1994, The surrealist multicultural rap group Curse Ov dialect has been an anomaly in the music scene .Paso Bionic ,Raceless,Atarangi,August 2 and Volk makedonski use ethnic samples and avante garde music married to rap in their songs and dress in folk costumes live.Curse ov dialect were the 1st rap orientated Australian act signed in the U.S in 2003 on L.A based MUSH records. ... more

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